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society of the twenty-second century: 

Generation Fu.

One-page IntroductionEdit

The World created is a vision of the future that was not intended to be accurate, but was envisioned to be realistic. 

The premise, or pretext, of this predicted world of the future is the discovery of fusion nuclear power. Fusion power in which replaces the known and functioning fission nuclear power that relies on the chain reaction and splitting of atoms at our times. This successively leads to the creation of a near-utopian society.

This World created could be both described as a work of applied-philosophy, and applied-futurism. The basic idea of creating the world was the prediction of increase in living standards on a global scale due to the abundance of natural resources provided by a sustainable fusion power. That in which eliminates the “Earth dilemma” and various global crises. However, contrary to traditional utopian models, this created utopia still consists of social instability on local levels, reflecting the idea that conflicting ideas still persist.

Other scientific breakthroughs in this world that is lesser in scale compared to fusion power are also created, most of these act as contributing factors in which both unifies and divides society. Society is unified mainly by means of globalization, a cultural trend that we are familiar with. On the other hand, society is divided when non-conformists in this world have regrouped from the norms of society and created a mass movement known as the Underground culture. Read wiki for more information.

With the singularity of a fusion-empowered society, the potentials of this world continue to be unleashed as it develops.

Latest activityEdit

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